Experiences of a Soul

Sol discovers his soul

Sol and Jeff were at Turtle Creek, sitting on the grass, swapping stories about their latest frog hunting adventures. Jeff went first, relating a story that had both boys jumping as if they themselves had become the frogs. Losing composure they rolled on the grass laughing, barely under control. Jeff had told a winning story.

Sol wanted to tell of his own adventure in a way that would take Jeff and him to an even higher jumping, more enthusiastic response. He thought hard for a moment. Not quite sure of himself, he began to speak, haltingly, pausing where Jeff least expected it. Sol stopped trying to talk. Getting himself quiet he felt a contradiction in his translation of reality. He realized he was making up a myth, a false history of a great frog hunting adventure. Sol, seeing the confused look on Jeff’s face, explained what he’d just experienced. Jeff nodded with appreciation and they fell into a long conversation, How did I know there was a contradiction present? Did that voice inside my head tease it out of me? What is that voice anyway?