From the author: Days of 71

A bit about Sol

Sol is a fictional character whose life experiences provide impressions on the bodies of his infinite soul, an involution of Love. As his creator, I am giving his story a rest for forty days, while I do some involving of my own.

A bit about me

My seventy-first birthday is New Years Eve. The whole world celebrates. So I got that going for me. You can watch it on TV. Or stream it, I’m sure.

I don’t need or want anything tangible for my birthday. Ok, well, maybe a vanilla cake with butter cream frosting. That would make me happy.
Mostly, I just want to see my oldest son again, meet his family. The Covid pandemic comes with hard constraints on travel, domestically as well as internationally.

When it becomes safe to travel again (assuming we get vaccinated next year), Amy and I want to 1) visit Germany (my son and his family), 2) spend a month in India, and 3) hike the Camino de Santiago. Don’t know when these will happen, but will fly to Germany the moment the gates are open. I want to do the Camino in September/October time of year, so can’t know right now whether that comes before or after India.

That’s all I have for now. I’m going to be quiet for awhile (40 days). See you down the road. Stay safe.